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Hello World!

Diary Entries

day 1: 5/9/2020, 5:57pm est

today has been a fun learning experience, something to keep my mind busy while im stuck with a cold. those suck! i also got aim to work with aim pheonix today, and have been messaging and adding buddies. i also found a new phone cord, so i can test out the local access numbers around here and see if i can get dial up. will keep posted about that eventually.

day 2: 5/10/2020, 12:10 AM est

I got home from the movies about an hour ago. Even with this social distancing we managed to go because of a car theater. It was really fun, we saw Onward and ate BK. But now that I'm home, I would like to mention that I found Earthlink's Local Access Number locator to work really well.

Here's the link.